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“We have a saying in my part of the world: If a child does not know history, he will hear history”– Olusegun Obasanjo

The career of President Obasanjo is unique in that he ascended to the highest office in Nigerian political life twice. First as a military head of state following the assassination of Murtala Mohammed and in 1999 as a civilian democratically elected president.

The exhibits in this museum take this storied journey into account and every visitor to the museum and Library are informed of the details of what they will see in the Orientation Theatre.

The exhibits are divided into two main sections: Humble Beginnings, Military Career and Imprisonment; and Politician, Statesman, Mediator. These sections are further presented as three thematic areas each. Each area is presented in five exhibit elements: a storytelling cone, a table case, a touch screen, a portrait case and “Baba’s Minute”.

This is a multimedia experience for all ages.


From Farmer To Prisoner

This era of President Obasanjo’s life would end in one of his darkest periods with his arrest, quick trial and jailing by the Sani Abacha military regime for what would become known as the phantom coup of 1995. Obasanjo would spend the next 3 years in prison. His former deputy from his time as military head of state, Shehu Yar’Adua was arrested and jailed with him and would be murdered in prison.

The exhibitions highlight is a faithful recreation of the Yola Prisons’ cell Obasanjo spent the next three years of life in. He wrote several books during his time in prison and several of them are on display along their original manuscripts.


Gifts from Around The World

President Obasanjo’s received many gifts—artefacts and trinkets—from within Nigeria and around the world—and these are displayed here. They tell a story of his years as president and head of state, from the plaque from the Delta State Company, testament to his first administration’s efforts at industrialisation, to a massive sea-turtle shell, from one of his many sojourns to strengthen the Africa Union


African Visionaries

The last century has seen enormous change and opportunity for the continent of Africa. This exhibit features the thoughts and words of the most influential Africans of our time. As visitors approach each portrait, they activate a sensor that triggers an audio-visual interview with one of such visionaries.